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body4u 8 Week Challenge
Contestant Testimonials

If you are, or have been a contestant and would like to share your 8 Week challenge experience at body4u, please click here.

  • I have been to many gyms & have found body4u trainers friendly, motivating & very helpful. The facilities are always clean. I have never been to a gym where in the bathroom you find deodorant, hair spray, hair dryer & shampoo/conditioner. The equipment is excellent & always clean. My results so far have been great.
  • I was really glad I participated in the 8 week challenge. I have found that I can get the best results from body4u than other gyms I have been to. I have found that this is largely attributed to my trainer, Amanda. Amanda believed in my ability to change (& lose 10 kgs) before I even did. body4u is a great ‘all round’ gym. Thanks everyone.
  • I have found the challenges really effective in assisting me to reach my own personal weight loss goals. Engaging in any change can be quite daunting & Amanda provided me with the encouragement required to get started. Throughout the journey she provided constant support & guidance. Further, she took the time to educate & motivate me on my diet & exercise. I would highly recommend others to participate in a body4u weight loss challenge as it is a truly rewarding experience.
  • I have been going to the gym for 13 years. In that time I wasn’t as consistent as I am now. body4u is a fun, friendly, personal, motivating & supportive gym that you want to attend. The trainers are there for you every step of the way. Just 4 months after having my baby I have dropped 2 sizes. I have my trainer & the body4u team to thank for that. Thank you!
  • Before I came to body4u I was extremely unfit & overweight. My doctor said if I continued on my path I would be dead at 45 years old. I had my 46th birthday last month. I am at the moment 35 kilos lighter & 200% fitter & healthier. I have a long way to go to achieve my goals & with the team’s support I will achieve them. I feel part of the body4u family.
  • I have attended a number of gyms over a course of approx. 10-12 years – all for different reasons & purposes. body4u is the only gym that met my psychological & physical needs simultaneously. At no time did I feel ‘out of place’ or uncomfortable – the body4u personal training gym is for those brave enough to take a personal journey – do it – you will not be disappointed
    My experience at body4u is the staff are always friendly & the trainers are always very helpful - there is room to move in the gym & you get results for the effort you put in. It’s great value – thanks to all the staff.
  • Thanks to the body4u 8 week challenge. I have been able to achieve some great results & break the cycle of bad habits that I had developed over recent years. The body4u team & the other contestants made it a great experience for me which I’m sure helped maximise my results. I was stoked about losing weight, losing 14 cms of my waist, increasing muscle mass but the biggest impact was my massive reduction of total cholesterol levels. My doctor was very impressed
  • Thank you body4u, congratulations on providing to your members a challenge that guarantees results, delivers professional information & gives the support that is needed to motivate & educate clients into a healthy lifestyle. For me personally, the staff are fantastic and each & every one of them is supportive, professional, genuine & very down to earth. The challenge was more than just 8 weeks fitness & diet regime. For me it also gave me the mental strength & determination to achieve & cope with so much more at home & on a professional level. Fitness has now become a part of my life, enabling me to achieve & cope with so much more outside the gym (that is worth so much more & something money can’t buy). Our body is life a vehicle it is up to us to fuel & look after it correctly, exercise & health is a necessity – just like cleaning our teeth daily. The challenge does fast track us to reaching this healthy, strong feeling you simply want to feel like this forever – and can at body4u

1. How did you find the challenge in relation to you own needs/goals?

  • The challenge kept me motivated as I knew there was a deadline. This assisted me in achieving my goals
  • I found the challenge very effective in assisting me in reaching my goal
  • I fit into my old clothes – yay! I’m fitter & feel fantastic. It was a great start to my way back to shape
  • The challenge is well set out & set up for all clients to achieve their goal
  • Absolutely perfect – more than met my expectations
  • I work well under control and that’s why I joined the challenge – everyone needs goals & the challenge puts an official stamp on your goal and gives you the tools if you adhere to it a guarantee that you will achieve your goal
  • I found the challenge very motivating. It helped me get into a weight bracket that I haven’t been in for 5 years
  • Achieved what I needed to doing something that you’re accountable for (photos/measurements) in a group situation helps you achieve
  • Excellent got into a great routine and was able to fit in exercise most days. I tried new things such as Bootcamp, fit key and spin classes which I have never done before
  • The challenge was great for my goals it showed me what i need to eat and how much exercise needs to be completed to burn the fat
  • I found the challenge motivated me to get into action to lose the last of the extra weight i was carrying. It made me put aside excuses and actually get into regular exercise routine

2. Would you participate in the 8 week challenge again and would you recommend it to a friend or family member?

  • Yes, I would as much as I don’t want to get slack I suspect I will so it’s a good kick start to re-focus. Yes, I. would recommend it but people need to know it’s hard work & all the rest of life has to be fitted in around classes etc
  • Bloody oath – I thought it was a great system
  • Yes, I would, I find that during the challenges I’m very motivated & am able to be very strict on myself. I also found last time that I was able to maintain the weight loss
  • Yes – it gets you in a good routine
  • Yes, the 8 week challenge is an individual journey – one that needs to be experienced at least once in a persons lifetime – you learn so much about yourself
  • Yes – I found I was motivated & gave me the kick start I need to keep me on track
  • Yes, because it’s the only thing that has worked for me so far
  • I would consider doing challenge again as it is a great motivator & for the same reason I would recommend
  • Yes, most definitely – great group of trainers & participants

3. Does the body4u 8 Week Challenge give good value for money - Why?

  • Yes – because you get exactly what you pay for – results
  • I thought $799 was expensive but it is something I needed to do to get back on track – I lost 6.5kg, 14 cm off waist & my total cholesterol went from 6.7 to 4.3. I think that is value for money – I am remaining a member of body4u
  • Yes – a small price to change a lifestyle
  • Yes – apart from the fact that it does give results - Which is worth every cent. The extras the club provide such as the attitude & extra support given from all the employees at the club. That alone is worth the money all over again

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