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Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Making Changes - Setting Goals

Use your Body Composition Analysis to take positive steps toward a healthier lifestyle. A good exercise program coupled with a proper nutrition plan can help you maintain your target weight and percent body fat.

Good Body Fat, Bad Body Fat and Lean Body Mass

There is a common misconception that all body fat is bad. In truth, some body fat is needed to protect the person’s health as well as supplying a reservoir of energy for performing various body functions. The total weight of body fat can be subdivided into three separate categories:

Essential Body Fat - This amount of body fat is needed to protect the body from infectious diseases and to protect the internal organs from bruising damage.
Reserve Body Fat - The amount of additional body fat that does not cause any medical risks, and provides a reservoir of “fuel” for use by the body.

Excess Body Fat - The amount of body fat that is over and above the combination of Essential Body Fat plus Reserve Body Fat. Excess Body Fat causes the risk of serious health problems such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

Lean Body Mass - All parts of the body exclusive of body fat -- bones, organs, muscle, connective tissue, and fluids -- make up your Lean Body Mass. The higher the percentage of Lean Body Mass, the more muscular the body with a higher bone density. A more muscular body is normally considered attractive, and improves athletic performance.

Basal Metabolic Rate [BMR]
Your BMR is the daily amount of energy required for the body’s basic functions while at rest, but not sleeping (e.g. pumping blood, regulating temperature, breathing, thinking, etc).

Total Body Water

This is a calculation of your normal hydration state. Percent body water is based on research that has shown lean tissue to be approximately 73% water. Fat contains approximately 4-8% water. Optimal hydration for women is approximately 55% - 60%. The optimal range for men is approximately 60% - 65%.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is a relationship between weight and height that is often associated with health risks. The Centers For Disease Control uses the following guidelines:


Body Mass Index (BMI)


Less than 18.5


18.6 - 24.9


25.0 - 29.9


More than 30.0

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The FUTREX - 62
Body Composition Analyzer

For Non-Invasive Health, Wellness & Fitness Screening

The growing epidemic of obesity is creating an entirely new set of challenges for health and wellness professionals. Increasing levels of body fat are contributing to a host of new concerns... including elevated blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and
certain forms of cancer.

Futrex is the industry leader in the development of NIR (Near-Infrared) technology for body composition analysis. NIR is fast, repeatable, accurate and simple to use. NIR is the most reliable method for body composition analysis. Futrex body composition analyzers provide a detailed body composition analysis – percent body fat, fat mass, lean mass and more, all without the inconvenience of pre-test protocols, pinching, or disrobing. The FUTREX-62 is completely safe for cardiac patients with pacemakers or defibrillators!


  • Directly Analyzes Body Fat
  • No Cumbersome Pretest Protocols
  • Completely Non-Invasive (no pinching or disrobing)
  • Measures Adults AND Children as Young as Age 5
  • Results in Metric (kg, cm) OR English (lbs, inches)
  • Gold Standard Accuracy
  • Excellent Repeatability

A Dynamic Method of Health & Wellness Promotion
ONLY Futrex Evaluates Essential Fat, Reserve Fat, and Excess Fat

The ONLY Body Composition Analyzer to Evaluate Essential Fat, Reserve Fat, and Excess Fat

  • Essential Fat: The minimum amount of fat needed for good health
  • Reserve Fat: The fat above the Essential Fat, but still healthy to carry
  • Excess Fat: The fat that people need to be concerned about
  • The FUTREX-62 evaluates & reports all three!!

Fast, Non-Invasive Near-Infrared (NIR) Analysis
Near-Infrared (NIR) Analysis is a fast, easy and scientifically validated way
to accurately measure percent body fat. The Futrex is ideal for one-onone
evaluations, mass health screenings, and clinical research.

Single Site Measurement
- How Does It Work?

Futrex is the only method of measuring body fat that uses completely safe, Near-Infrared light to directly measure percent body fat. U.S. Government research located a single point on the human body - the middle of the biceps of the dominant arm - that has a direct relationship to the body’s overall fat level.

During operation, the Futrex Light Wand sends a safe, Near-Infrared Light
beam into the biceps of the dominant arm. Body fat will absorb this light
and lean mass will reflect the light. The light absorption is measured by the F62 to determine body fat -- it’s that simple!
Test results, which are traceable to underwater weighing, are instantly shown on the unit’s easy-to-read LCD display, and can also be printed out for your clients to take with them (optional printer required).

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For more information, please contact us or email info@body4u.com.au to express your interest in receiving a BCA





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