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Class Description

Class Prices range from just $10 - $17 per Class.
Call 07 3488 2455 to find out more!

1 hour, outdoor class incorporating boxing, cardio and strength in a fun environment. While this class is designed to challenge, it caters for all fitness levels as participants work to their own level. Bootcamp classes are great for fitness and overall toning. Average calorie burn per class is 500 calories. 
Circuit Training
This session won't smash you...it won't waste you....it won't hammer you.....but with CONSISTENCY you will gain... CORE STABILITY ALL-ROUND BALANCED FITNESS & STRENGTH ABDOMINAL STRENGTH ABILITY to HOLD A FAST RUN or SWIM or BIKE PACE. QUICKER RECOVERY FROM ALLTRAINING SUITED TO...runners, non-runners, cyclists, non-cyclists, swimmers, non-swimmers....yes...everybody!

Spin Cycle
45 minute, stationary cycle class with motivating music. Every spin class incorporates intervals of work and recovery and offers a fun, effective work out for all fitness levels. Great cardio workout with an average calorie burn of around 500 calories.

Body Circuit
45 minute, class that is held on the body4u glass enclosed balcony – looking out over Raby Bay Harbour. Circuit incorporates cardio and resistance work at alternating stations and will improve your fitness, strength and endurance. Be prepared to get warm and work hard! Average calorie burn 400-600 calories.

1 hour class that offers a fantastic core workout as well as improving  strength and flexibility. Incorporating floor work and sometimes fitball exercises in a relaxed atmosphere the class is set on the balcony overlooking the harbour sunset. Caters for all levels. 

Stretch / Relaxation
1 hour, all over body stretching workout. Great for toning, strength and  flexibility.  A great therapeutic recovery session after a hard week’s training.

Boxing/Friday Night Fitness
Variety of classes combining boxing skills, cardio fitness, flexibility and body strength for all fitness levels.

Great workout and great fun - Don't miss out on this one, you never know what you will get!

Yoga – unifying the mind, body & spirit in oneself.

Promotes balance & harmony, alleviates stress & increases strength as well as flexibility. Yoga also aids in rehabilitation, nurtures injury as well as creating a foundation to further ones health, fitness & well being.

Body Trimming
A fun full body workout combining a variety of different cardio, resistance and core exercises. Fantastic for mums after school drop off.

Aimed at shaping and toning those troublesome areas like tummies, thighs and butts. As well as giving some great shape to your shoulders and arms.

Suitable for all fitness levels.


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Raby Bay Harbour, Level 1-152 Shore St. Cleveland Queensland Australia 4163      Tel: 07 3488 2455      Fax: 07 3488 2466

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