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Q: Is there really such a thing as good fats?

A: Yes! Good fats can be found in foods such as avocados, raw nuts and oily fish like salmon or tuna. Including these ‘good fats’ in your diet can actually aid in satisfying hunger pangs, in turn decreasing the likelihood of over-eating carbs. Good fats also help to balance blood sugar levels, transport essential vitamins around the body and manufacture sex and adrenal hormones.

Q: What is metabolic rate and how can I increase it?

A: Metabolic rate (metabolism) is the rate at which you burn energy. It can be increased in a number of ways including, eating frequently, regular exercise, lifting weights, eating spicy foods and consuming controlled amounts of caffeine prior to exercise.

Q: Should I really be eating 5 – 6 small meals per day?

A: If you want to speed up your metabolism – yes! When we eat, heat energy is produced and this in turn causes the metabolism to rise. This is known as a thermogenic response. Eating smaller meals more often means that this thermogenic effect occurs more often – thus speeding up your metabolism to use more energy and encourage fat loss.

Q: Do I need to cut out alcohol if I am trying to lose fat?

A: If you are trying to lose fat you should definitely aim to reduce your alcohol intakes. As alcohol is a toxin, the body will burn it before any other fuel source, making fat burning less efficient. Alcohol is also much more energy dense than protein and carbohydrate, so  consuming it may cause more carbohydrates eaten to remain stored in the body and thus all excess foods  will be converted into fat.

Q: Should I eat immediately after a weights session?

A: Yes – you should eat a fairly high protein source straight away to ensure you nourish the muscles that have just been worked.

Q: How long should I wait until I eat after a cardio workout for optimal fat burn?

A: Up to, but no longer than 1 hour. Any longer than this and you risk excessive protein breakdown and slowing your metabolism.

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