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Q: Is weight training good for me if I am trying to lose fat and how often should I do it?

A: Yes – weight training plays a vital role in any fat loss program. It speeds up your metabolism meaning you can burn more energy throughout the day. The frequency of weight training actually depends on your body type and goals.

Q: Are certain weight training exercises better for fat loss than others?

A: Yes. Compound exercises are more time efficient and as they stimulate larger  muscle groups. More testosterone and growth hormones are released resulting in a boosted metabolism and increased fat burn.

Q: During weight training, what is the best overload technique?

A: There isn’t one. The success of different overload techniques is extremely dependent on the  individual.. They should also be  varied often to keep up motivation and prevent injuries.

Q: Is it true that it is best to do weights before cardio?

A: Yes. Doing weights before cardio will ensure you do not fatigue too early. The other major benefit is that as weight training utilizes carbohydrate stores, by depleting these first, one will burn a higher amount of fat during the cardio session.

Q: Is a high intensity work out always better than low intensity?

A: Not necessarily – for optimum results the two should be incorporated into your program. High intensity cardio exercise does not burn much fat during the workout but does dramatically boost the metabolism and increases long term fat burning potential. Low intensity exercise on the other hand burns fat during the workout and also aids the recovery process.

Q: If I am trying to lose fat, is it beneficial to train before breakfast?

A: Yes – if you are doing a low - medium intensity workout. When you wake up, your body is depleted of carbohydrates so if you exercise, stored fat will be used as the primary source of energy. However, if you are undertaking a high intensity workout you may perform better if you consume a small snack beforehand e.g piece of fruit.

Q: If I do 100 crunches a day, will I get a flat stomach?

A: Not necessarily. While crunches are an effective way to tone the stomach, even 100 sit ups daily will not lead to a flat stomach if you do not do enough cardio training. A sensible diet is also required to reduce body fat which often accumulates around the stomach.

Q: Is weight training only suitable for people under 60?

A: No, definitely not! Weight training is extremely important for the maintenance of bone density and continued muscle conditioning. This means that elderly people who engage in regular weight training will be in less danger of breaking bones in the event of a fall.

Q: Is there such a thing as over training?

A: Yes. If you fail to allow your body to adequately recover or you train too hard or too fast (especially after injury or sickness) you run the risk of over training. The symptoms of over training can include lack of concentration, fatigue, moodiness and even in extreme cases, depression. A good way to ensure you avoid over training is to meet regularly with a personal trainer, even if you like to train alone.

Q: Can I continue to train if I fall pregnant?

A: Yes but you should alter your training schedule accordingly and it is best to consult with your doctor before engaging in a workout routine. In general, it is important to exercise sensibly at a comfortable intensity and do not exercise to exhaustion or breathlessness. If you experience any dizziness, severe, bleeding or cramping, you should consult your doctor or midwife immediately.

Q: Are there times when I shouldn’t exercise?

A: Yes. If you are injured or have had surgery, you should only exercise as advised by your doctor or physiotherapist. You should also give your normal workout a miss if you have a fever because exercising may increase the chance of a viral infection.

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