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What are they?

  • They are chains of fatty acids.

What does the body use fat for?

  • Fats protect all cells, especially joints and muscles
  • They also help produce certain hormones
  • They help prevent skin allergies
  • They improve brain function

When should we consume them?

  • Fats should be included in all meals but as with everything, moderation is the key!

What type of fat should be consumed?

  • Good fats – including omega essential oils (3,6&9) and unsaturated fats

Good fat vs. Bad fat

"Good" fats

"Bad" fats

Nuts – Almonds, cashews, pistachio’s, peanuts

Fried foods

Seeds – Sesame, linseed & sunflower

Refined vegetable oils


Animal fats – beef, lamb, pork & chicken

Fish oils – Salmon, tuna, herring

Egg Yolk

Oils - Sunflower, safflower, flaxseed & olive

Dairy fats of cream, milk, margarine & cheese

Fresh butter (in moderation)

Coconut & palm oils

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