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Fitness guru raises New Year’s resolution bar

Brisbane, Australia, 19 January 2009: A recent US study has found that only 8% of people implement and achieve their New Years resolution, with a staggering 3 out of 4 people not achieving any of their well conceived New Years plans and ambitions.

The study also found that 47% of resolutions, related to general self-improvement with 38% specifically related to weight.

Queensland fitness expert Angela Houseman says that the effect of setting a health or weight loss goal and then failing to achieve it can be devastating to an individual’s self esteem.

“Many people set out at the start of the year to finally make health and weight loss changes that have been on their mind for a long time.”, explains Houseman. “When lack of support, guidance and education makes it difficult to achieve these goals and people give up, feelings of self worth can plummet. This often dissuades people from trying to make changes again as there is a feeling of ‘what’s the point?”.

 “For many people, achieving these goals is extremely important and personal. For parents it could mean the difference between being able to play with their kids and having to watch from the sidelines” informs Houseman.

To assist those who may struggle achieving their 2009 resolutions, Queensland Gym, body4u has decided to give a helping hand to those who have decided that 2009 is the year they want to lose weight, become healthier and look and feel better.

body4u’s New Year, New You program has been designed to help two Queenslanders achieve their 2009 health, fitness and weight loss resolutions, whilst spreading the message that with the right training and guidance, amazing results and changes are possible.

“The New Year, New You program will not only help two deserving people change their lives, but it will also inspire others, by demonstrating that with the right tools, people can make their health and fitness goals a reality”.

Entries for the promotion close on January 19th 2009, with the winning participants to be announced on 23rd January. People can track the participant’s progress by checking out www.body4u.com.au .

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