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Nutrition and Training Plans

Plan 1

Upon Rising :           Glass water with squeeze of lemon juice

Training:                    PT session High Intensity Cardio

After Training:         1 Protein shake mixed in 350ml water
                                    1 tsp flaxseed oil
                                    1 Multi vitamin
                                    1 Chromium

15-30min Later :     ½ Cup rolled oats
                                    ½ cup milk (skim)
Mid Morning:            4 Corn Thins or rice cakes
                                    200g Cottage cheese (Low Fat)

30 Min B4 Lunch:     Glass of water
                                    1 Chromium
Lunch:                       CHICKEN NOODLE SALAD
                                    100g chicken breast
                                    1 salad (inc. spinach, carrot, onion, capsicum, shallots, tomatoes)
                                    1 tsp vinaigrette
                                    ½ cup noodles
                                    (1-2 glasses of water)

Mid afternoon:         1 Yoghurt (150gm) (low fat)
                                    2 Tlbs Protein mixed into yoghurt
                                    25gm almonds (10-15)  

Training:                  Weight training in the GYM (45min – 1hr) (750ml Water)

After Training:         Protein powder 

Dinner:                     FRITTATA
                                  3 Egg white             
                                  1 Egg yolk
                                   ½ onion
                                   ½ cup mixed vegges

                                  Mix all ingredients together and whisk. Poor into hot non-stick fry pan                                   and cook. Season with salt and pepper.

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