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Nutrition and Training Plans

Plan 2

Upon Rising:             Glass water with squeeze of lemon juice

Training:                     PT session High Intensity Cardio
                                      650ml Water

After Training:          1 Chromium
                                     1 Multi vitamin
                                     1 Cup Sultana Bran
                                    2 scoops protein (mixed in yoghurt)
                                    ½ cup milk       
Mid Morning:           1 Low Fat  Protein Bar
Lunch:                      100g of flavored tuna
                                   ½ cup cooked pasta
                                   2-3 cherrie tomatoes, sliced capsicum, carrot and other salad

vegetables:             (1-2 glasses of water)
                                   1 Chromium

Mid afternoon:        100gm chicken stir fried in sweet chilli sauce
                                    ½ cup cooked basmati rice
                                    ½ cup of steamed veges
                                   (1 glass of water)

Training:                  Weight training in the GYM (45min – 1hr)
                                   750ml Water

After Training:       Protein powder             
Dinner:                    Steamed fish with lemon (fish can be lightly crumbed in egg and bread)
                                 1 cup vegges
                                 (1 glass of water)

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