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Nutrition and Training Plans

Plan 3

Upon Rising:             Glass water with squeeze of lemon juice     

Training:                    PT session high ntensity cardio
                                    (650ml Water)

After Training:         1 Chromium
                                    1 Multi vitamin
                                    PROTEIN PANCAKE
                                    4 egg whites
                                    ½ cup rolled oats
                                    ½ tsp cinnamon
                                    2 tsp Splenda
                                    Mix ALL ingredients and let stand for at least 30min (try mixing before                                    training). Pour into non stick fry pan and cook. Spread peanut butter                                    and raspberry jam over pancake.

Mid Morning:            1 tub yoghurt 200g (low fat)
                                    2 scoops WPI
                                    25g Almonds
½ Hour B4 Lunch:   1 Chromium   

Lunch:                       Chicken breast (100g)
                                    Lettuce, capsicum, carrot (grated), onion,
                                    1 Pita pocket (whole meal)
                                    Fry chicken in sauce of choice then stuff pocket with chicken and                                     salad

Mid afternoon:         100g Lamb
                                    ½ cup hokkien noodles cooked
                                    ½ cup vegetables
                                    Stir fry all ingredients in sauce of choice (could be left over from night before)
Training:                   Weight training in the GYM (45min – 1hr) (750ml Water)

After Training:         Protein Powder

Dinner:                      Chicken breast (100g)
                                    ½ tsp garlic
                                    2 dried chopped apricots
                                    ½ onions
                                    1 slice of Edam cheese
                                    3 layers of filo pastry

                                    Pre cook chicken, onion, garlic and apricot sauce in pan (don’t cook                                     chicken right through) place mixture in oiled filo pastry with 2 slice of                                     cheese then bake in hot oven. Serve with salad.

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