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Nutrition and Training Plans

Plan 4

Upon Rising:               Glass water with squeeze of lemon juice

Training:                      PT session high intensity cardio (650ml Water)

After Training:           1 Chromium
                                      1 Multi vitamin
                                      2 Scoops of WPI (mixed in water with 1 tsp Flaxseed oil)
                                      ½ Cup rolled oats
                                      ½ Cup of milk
                                      Mix oats and milk together microwave for 21/2 min
Mid Morning:               2 Turkey and salad roll (multi grain roll, 1 boiled egg, 1 tsp fat free mayo)

½ Hour B4 Lunch:     1 Chromium          

Lunch:                         100g of chicken (stir fried w/ chilly, ginger and garlic)
                                      1 whole meal pita bread (Small)
                                      1 tlbs of tomato sauce or paste

Toppings:                   Corn, onion, capsicum, pineapple, tomato, mushroom, bacon
                                      1 tlbs grated cheese
                                      Use pita bread as pizza base, put cooked chicken and toppings on                                            then grill in oven. Prepare night before – and this will also freeze                                            ok.      

Mid afternoon:         PROTEIN SMOOTHIE
                                    2 Scoops WPI
                                    200ml Milk (Low Fat)                             
                                    100ml Water
                                    1/3 Cup frozen berries

Training:                   Weight training in the GYM (45min – 1hr) (750ml Water)

After Training:         Protein Powder

Dinner:                      100g Lamb or beef stir-fry in soy sauce
                                   1 cup vegges (mixed into lamb as stir-fry)
                                   (1 glass of water)

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