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Nutrition and Training Plans

Low Carb Day

Upon Rising:           Glass water with squeeze of lemon juice

CARDIO:                    1 Hour medium intensity

Breakfast:                ½ Cup rolled oats
                                    ½ Cup water
                                    2 Scoops WPI
                                    1 tsp Flax seed oil
                                    1 Multi vitamin
                                    2 Chromium

Mid Morning:            100g Cottage cheese (low fat)
                                    ½ Cup of strawberries mixed into cottage cheese

Lunch:                       1 Can tuna (100g)
                                    1-2 Cups Steamed Veggies

Mid Afternoon:        120g Chicken breast (grilled)     
                                    Large portion of lettuce salad
                                    25g almonds

Training:                  Weight training in the GYM (45min – 1hr) (750ml Water)

After Training:       Protein powder 

Dinner:                    100g Grilled or steamed chicken or fish
                                 Steamed Veggies

Before Bed:              3g L-Glutamine
                                    2 Calcium tabs
                                    2 Scoops of sustained release low carb, low fat protein

                                    Note: Try to do 2 days normal with 1 low carb day for two weeks, then 2                                     days low carbs and 1 day normal for two weeks.

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