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Sessions will be in 8 week blocks

includes 1 run session per week with Laurie, our highly experienced running coach, and a personalised run training plan tailored to meet each persons individual running goal.

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Laurie Cavallaro is a Level 3 Middle Distance/Distance running coach with over 15 years run coaching experience. He is an Accredited Athletics Coach with Athletics Australia, and is also a Registered Cert 3 Gym Instructor and Cert 4 Personal Trainer at body4u.
Laurie finds it rewarding when coaching ALL levels of runners, but he finds it especially gratifying teaching and coaching entry level runners to learn to run efficiently, and to achieve their goals through a balanced training program.

He has coached State and National level Middle Distance runners in the 400, 800 and 1500 metre track events as well as 3000 metres, 5k, 10k and marathon runners.
His personal achievements include:

  • The Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2 times
  • The Australian Ironman Triathlon 6 times,
  • The Sahara Desert 250km race
  • Simpson Desert Mountain Bike Race
  • Kokoda Track

as well as numerous other ultra-distance runs, marathons and triathlons over the past 25years.

Laurie has the coaching and running experience to help all levels of runners achieve their goals with a structured and progressive training program.


"The body4U Run Club sessions are fun, challenging but achievable, and I would recommend anyone that wants to start running or improve their running to give them a go. We do drills, speed work and hill runs that honestly do not do when I am out running alone. I am fairly confident that my running has improved since I joined the run club and I’m (sort of) looking forward to finding out at the next time trial! Lawrie is a great coach; knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging!" - Mary

"I initially joined the running program because I have always been interested in running and wanted to try something new. I have found the running club to not only be very informative but also lots of fun! Laurie is a great trainer, he knows his stuff and keeps the training interesting and with variety each week. I have learnt quite a bit about my running technique that I didn’t know previously and have also found that Im running faster and for longer distances than before I joined the club. Everyone in the club seems to be improving each week also with all of us running longer distances and with improved technique. Great program to join" - Mariah

"I would l like to thank body 4u for operating the Run Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work towards and improve a specific discipline. Instead of just exercising to improve fitness & body shape which are the side benefits of run club I have been able to learn how to run & compete in distance running events. At the age of 50 I started with a couple of 5km fun runs, after 16 weeks of run club I was able to enter my first 10km run in March of 2012. I have since gone on to run two half marathons, partnered in 4 triathlons & a couple of other 10km fun runs all of which I would never have been able to achieve without the help & training from coach Laurie who is very dedicated, knowledgeable & willing to help. I intend to keep running & training with the run club which is continually helping to improve my speed & fitness. I have also enjoyed the social aspect of the club where we all encourage each other & enjoy seeing each other’s improvements along the way! “ Lynn L.

"I have been training with Body4u's run club since February 2012 and with the mentoring, support and experience which our coach Laurie passes on each session, I have been able to consistently improve my running pace throughout each eight week block. Coach Laurie’s exudes a deep insight on training the human body for running. Using his vast experience and humorous turn of phrase, Coach Laurie squeezes every piece of running potential from your body by tuning both your technique and training plan. With tough but (mostly) fair training sessions, Body4u run club has consistently improved my running pace over each eight week block. With a great coach backed by the rest of the friendly Body4u team., I would highly recommend Body4u Run Club for any level of runner." Nick K

“I've been going to body4u since late October 2012. By January my weight had stabilised & my fitness level had increased... I watched the run club runners on a Tuesday morning & decided to give it a go... Couldn't sleep the night before with the nerves but Laurie (body4u run coach) & the other runners made me feel welcome & comfortable... with Laurie's advice & encouragement after the 1st 8 week block I improved my 2km time trial by 50 seconds... Not bad for a 51 year old!! Thanks Laurie “ Mary A

For more information, please contact us or email info@body4u.com.au to express your interest.

Raby Bay Harbour, Level 1-152 Shore St. Cleveland Queensland Australia 4163      Tel: 07 3488 2455      Fax: 07 3488 2466

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