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Ryan Langham
Personal Trainer

Ryan is originally from South Africa and believes that every single person deserves the life they dream of, as long as they are willing to act, he will be there to help.

Ryan has been a Professional in the health and fitness industry forover 7 years since beginning study in 2006 at a prestigious London institution, where he completed his Personal Training diploma. Ryan’s study was extensive and covered anatomy, nutrition and weight management, torso and core stability training, postural and functional training, and psychology of behaviour change.

Ryan was making his way into professional football when he unfortunately tore the ligaments in both ankle and made the best decision of his life, to help others.

Having made the life change and moving onto one-on-one personal training, he established himself as a personal trainer working in central London raising his profile in the industry. The success of his business caught the eye of businesses in the area, where word got around and his business grew. Having come from South Africa Ryan decided to expand his business in the fitness industry to South Africa, where he obtained phenomenal success through local knowledge.

Ryan has come to work abroard as he believes that he can reach and touch more people’s lives throughout the world and educate them about the secrets that have been kept in order to live the best quality of life.

Ryan’s passion in health and good living flows to his clients where he endeavours to give outstanding results in every aspect he takes on. His knowledge and experience as a Fitness Professional sets him apart, as he wants to apply what he has come to learn to every individual that he meets. He wants to inspire everyone to achieve his or her dreams.

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