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Many of our clients have found joining body4u a life changing experience. Just a few of their stories and comments are below.

If you are, or have been a member and would like to share your experiences at body4u, please click here.

Before - 108kg
Night before challenge

After - 95. 7kg

Tracey Jolley
“After having a bad experience at another gym I was looking for a gym that made you feel welcome, didn’t just take your money & hoped you never came back.

I met Angela and felt very comfortable & thought I would give it a go. I then received an email from Darren regarding the challenge and decided I had nothing to lose except fat.

I still have a way to go but thanks to Angela and my wonderful trainer Mel, I am feeling more confident & well on the way to a fitter happier person.

Now 4 weeks after the challenge I have lost another 5 kgs & 3 dress sizes all up. The challenge maybe over but my fitness & weight loss journey have just started.

All of the Body4u staff have been wonderful, they know who I am and always go out of there way to say hello, Angela has been very supportive and is great to have a chat with, best decision I ever made was walking up the flight of stairs to Body4u.



B&L Stewart
“We always thought we lived our lives to the fullest. We thought we were reasonably healthy 30 somethings, but our slowly increasing body size was telling us something else. We didn't notice it at first - a kilo here and there, and those trousers beginning to get a little bit tight were pushed to the back of the wardrobe and out of our minds. In reality our life was full of so many of the wrong things - pre-packed food, take-aways, alcohol every night and a pack of cigarettes each per day. Exercise was a short walk with the dog or mowing the lawn. How bad can it really be though? Before we knew it we were both well over 100kg and struggling to do much without punctuating it with a 'smoke break'.

It was time to get a grip on our lifestyle. But like so many other people we had an ingrained fear of 'the gym', of 'bouncing around to music', and of even attempting to squeeze into anything that had the word 'lycra' on the label. After a bit of research on the internet we summoned the courage to go up the stairs to Body4u - and as cliched as it sounds, we have quite honestly never looked back. After starting out with a pack of 10 group classes, we both signed up for weekly personal training sessions. We cannot recommend these highly enough - as terrifying as they were initially, our PT's (Richard and Carie) worked with us to reach our health, fitness and personal goals. These sessions are invaluable - they motivate you, they show you what you need to develop, they track your progress, and they pick you up when you're feeling those moments of self-doubt. Everything at Body4u is there to set you up for success - all the team are endlessly helpful, the equipment and classes are excellent, the other clients become friends, and the atmosphere is completely relaxed and unintimidating.

What were our results? In just under a year we have lost 50kg between us, stopped smoking, completed fun runs, a 200km cycle event and are just about to undertake our first triathlons. We can confess to wearing some lycra now, loving our gym and exercise time, and looking forward to doing all those things we use to shy away from or make excuses not to do. So if you're even thinking about making a change of lifestyle, you want to get fit and actually enjoy it (that is possible!), or perhaps you need help training for specific event - get up those stairs and meet the team at Body4u, they will provide you with all the help, coaching and motivation you need to achieve your own goals. It might be hard work at times, but we can guarantee it will be worth it.”


Rebecca Shanhun
“I enjoy coming to body4u because of the personalized feel and the friendly helpful staff who are genuinely interested in your health and well being…It makes coming to workout a pleasurable experience not just a chore.”


Gary Devantier
“I came from a lethargic, depressive past before joining body4u. Now I feel energetic, positive, healthy and part of the body4u family.”


Gary Fairman
“I feel sorry for those who do not come here!”


Annette Anderson
“I think it’s wonderful that all staff can know who you are and are always giving positive encouragement. The trainers know where you are at and push you that bit more. I love it!”


Amanda Brennan
“Being overweight and very self conscious made finding the perfect gym almost impossible. That was until I experienced body4u. Without the constant support of the personal trainers and friendly staff I would not have lost 42 kilos and still going. Love you guys!”


Jess Kempt
“Being overweight my whole life, searching for the quick fix to shed the kilos was an everyday battle for me. Until I found body4u. Just being around the most motivating and dedicated trainers has inspired me to be a healthier and fitter person. The atmosphere is amazing, the staff and members are friendly and my new lifestyle is a dream come true!! Thanks body4u.”


Alison and Brett, Wellington Point
"Alison and I started with body4u just over a year ago after receiving a brochure in our letter box. We knew we had put on too much weight and we wanted to be able to enjoy playing with our children as they reach their teenage years.

We were delighted with the way the inspiring body4u trainers continually tailored our programs for our capabilities. Despite busy schedules involving substantial travel, we both looked forward to the personal training sessions that we often did together, later swapping stories of achievements.

In addition to achieving our initial weight loss and fitness goals, we both have just completed our first ever triathlon (something we didn’t dream of when we started). We have developed habits and attitudes to promote long term health for our family.
Thank you to the team at body4u and the friendships that we have formed with staff and clients."


Dear Angela,

Congratulations on your nomination in the inaugural People’s Choice Awards as part of the 2009 Fitness Industry Awards of Excellence.

Your clients have nominated you or your business, which indicates you are providing exceptional service to them.

As promised, please find below a sample of the comments you have received from your clients during this process.

Great Trainers that give attention to detail. Great camaraderie between clients and trainers. Best of all great results.

Excellent personalised service. My PT Richard is very understanding and thorough. The facility has top quality equipment in an excellent location with water views.

Because the trainers are not in it for a quick buck, but do really care. The gym is personal and professional and is always clean and well maintained.

Body 4 u cares!

Friendly, experienced staff, excellent equipment. Have motivated me to make positive long term lifestyle changes.

I have found this Gym to be the friendliest gym.

All the staff are so very helpful & genuine & always have a smile on their faces.

The caring, compassion and personal attention leaves you inspired and in awe. These people deserve a medal the way they have selflessly changed people’s lives.

committment of staff, facility, location, and an all around serious gym.

Can we vote 365 times - for the exceptional training they give us all year!

They have a wonderful personal style. Attentive to YOUR needs and requirements. They consider past injury and level of fitness. They don't push further than you can manage but persist in helping to achieve your desired outcomes. All staff are considerate and thoughtful and have a great one on one style. The equipment is well maintained and adjustable depending on ability. The best gym I have been to at my 63 years and I have attended four others over the years! Thank you body4u!

Fantastic group of trainers with very friendly receptionists. Top class equipment, great views and cheap prices.

All of the staff a extremely supportive. It is a great environment to train. Very personal service.

Good Trainers, Gym boutique style, well equipped, not overcrowded, lovely position with beautiful views, professionally run, friendly, welcoming.

When you walk into Body4u, you always feel very welcomed with every staff member knowing you by your first name, the trainers are very professional and friendly. It is always clean and very presentable. Once you walk into this awesome place you will know why it's the best fitness business in Australia!

Nowadays there are gyms on nearly every street corner. What separates them is the friendly people that run them. Body4u is exceptional and without peers.

The staff are all very friendly and very professional. I have exceeded my goals that I thought I could do. The place is always clean.

Exclusive membership to keep the numbers down. The best equipment I’ve ever seen. Personal service from professional staff. Genuine club atmosphere (very friendly and supportive).Safety conscious environment.

This team makes it such a fun place to be that you don't realise just how hard they have you working.

Body4u.is a state of mind: Client focused, goals-oriented, Affordable, most Personable, Entirely Professional, State-of-the-art Equipment,- something you want to belong to. Unique.

Body4u is the best fitness business in Australia because it has state of the art equipment in a state of the art location. The trainers and staff are friendly, supportive, encouraging, motivating and truly live what they preach. Love it wouldn't go anywhere else.

From the moment you walk in you feel welcome and motivated by the trainers and all staff. ”Everybody knows your name” Feels like home away from home!

Friendly, expert trainers and staff, excellent value for money, highest quality clean and well maintained gym equipment, not too many people, beautiful location.

Nothing Less than 100% Dedication from the Well-Informed, Trained, Motivating, Educated and Friendly Owners, Trainers and Staff! No-Where Else Can Compare!

Body4U has a fantastic studio, with modern equipment, that never feels crowded and Personal Trainers who really care and know what they are doing.

This is the most personalised and professional Personal Training Club I have worked in.

I have found that the dedication and commitment of the trainers, past and present, to every client, is first class. They maintain the interest and personal results to keep coming back, even after several years. Well done.

body4u takes a very personal approach in its training with limited membership and one on one training.

Friendly atmosphere, comfortable for all age groups. Top quality personal trainers, large variety of well maintained equipment, variety of memberships and classes. Well managed records.

I have never been so consistent until I started training here. They are friendly motivating and fun to be around. Great atmosphere.

Great equipment selection, location and team of people. Welcoming smile even at 10 past five in the morning. Nice. Gotta love turning up for that! Thanks

body4u is a fantastic club which is truely customer focused & they get the best results for their clients. Very professional, happy & friendly!

They have created a happy upbeat caring and professional club. An uplifting and welcoming experience to walk through the doors. Excellent results follow that naturally.

The whole club is dedicated to the client as a whole within fitness including support, encouragement and general well-being from every person. Such a pleasure to attend.

Personal service with a smile and helpful to help you achieve whatever you need to. Staff are keen to help you achieve your goals set by both you and personal trainer.

Professional team of trainers make it such a positive way of getting fitter and healthier. On going support is always there.

I am so impressed with body4u Personal Training Club, the staff are all very friendly, caring and are really interested in you. For the first time ever I enjoy going to the gym. It is also the cleanest gym I have been in.

Excellent staff, great new equipment.

Friendly, funky staff. No pressure selling. Excellent client fitness consideration. Good class selection. Relaxed atmosphere - training is fun. Not intimidating for beginners. Brilliant results!!

The staff are professional, innovative and super friendly. The location is excellent and the facilities are clean & modern.

One in a million! Luxurious equipment. Staff - friendly, loyal and genuine. You would never pick who the owners were, they feel like family.

Within 6 months of Joining this fitness club I am happier with my body than ever before! The classes are great, the personal training challenges you every time, the service is personalised & all the staff are friendly. Never before have I been so motivated to reach a good level of fitness & maintain it!

Body4u has excellent staff and trainers who are committed to helping their clients achieve their goals, and provide a great facility to train in.

The focus on personal training allows for improvement in every aspect of an individuals fitness. It keeps clients wanting to push further.

Staff are friendly, helpful, know my name and say hello when they see me in the street. Nice and always clean showers and locker room.

I have avoided Gyms in the past due to a perception of them not offering a high level of one on one service. I have found Body 4 u Personal training Gym to offer exactly this.

Local, professional, friendly, encouraging and a place you just want to keep going back to exercise. Also a great place to socialise and talk to all the friendly clientele.

personalised service. the staff really care and no trouble to help you achieve whatever. always will have helpful. A friendly smile to send you on your way into the day. Body4u is a highly motivated and extremely professional studio that offers the best training, advice and support. The trainers are well knowledged and very inspiring.

Equipment is top of the range and in good supply and studio is kept in immaculate condition. The staff are friendly, helpful and educated.

The staff are professional, innovative and super friendly. The location is excellent and the facilities are clean & modern.

Kind regards

Chailee O'Donnell
Marketing Coordinator
Editor - bpm and reps Magazine

Fitness Australia
The Health & Fitness Industry Association

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